It’s still early enough in the growing & production season to do a cinch up on those finicky marketing things ~ the things that will make your brand memorable in the minds of your most likely buyers.

A brand is never static, even after you have the look & feel, slogan & all those elements in place. If your product or service mix has changed, or your audience is widening or growing up, you may have some tweaks to make.

Last month we talked about telling your Story & this month’s topic is closely related, because it talks about the Voice of your brand.

Voice is a tone that is closely associated with how your brand is perceived ~ people will remember the tone of how you communicated what your wine or food or service is all about. It can be: witty, authoritative, enthusiastic, romantic, passionate, etc.  I’ve written a post, “Write Like You Talk” that explains it further.

I’ve also attached a Brand Voice Worksheet from the Brand Workshop you can print or take a look at to get you warmed up. You’ll find it a little amazing at how quickly you decipher the tone projected by these big brands, because you’ve heard their voice so often. And the same can be true for yours.

And. . . if you’re in a reading mood, while you can read a post on website r’aison d’etre titled “Don’t Let Your Website Just Sit There”.   I’ve been knee-deep in designing websites for the last couple months & I’ve seen some particular challenges for clients when they aren’t sure what it is they want their website & its pages to actualy do for their business. So I waxed a little poetic. {And a little long.}