A WordPress Theme for Food


You’re really going to enjoy this theme that highlights food, food growing, food preparation.
It’s a simple theme that will guide your visitor and allow you to present your product in its very best light.
Ready to go out of the box, or customizable to the nth degree.

See some steps and tips below to make the best use of this theme and its unique features.


Use a fresh WordPress install

Purchase and install the Divi Theme

Appearance > Themes > Add New

Make Divi the Active theme




Find your  purchased Epicure.zip file. Do not unzip

Appearances>Themes>Add New

Upload the Gather.zip

Make Epicure the Active Theme



Find the Easy Demo Import in the Dashboard Menu

Click Easy Demo Import

Allow the installer to complete

Click “Remove Demo Media” button

View the Site



Epicure is a quirky layout in that it does not use the Logo area for logo placement. The rows for logo and mobile logo are at the top of each page, and they are ‘global’, green globeso when you place it in one module it will populate the others.

The home page does not use a main navigation. However, if you want the menu to show on the Home page, simply change the page template from Blank to Default.

The home page has defined links to other pages so a viewer can go into the site. You will want to change these to your own page links, or you will be directed to the Epicure pages instead of your own.

The Recipe Post page is a styled layout – this may cause some problems if you opt for a stylized Blog Repository Page. If so, you can always write your post in a Text module (the Blog Post standard), and add graphics just as in the Recipe page.

Media Use

Many of images here are provided in the theme are from the amazing photographers at Unsplash.com and are Creative Commons licensed. But some are not. It is in your best interest to replace these with your own pictures – as I’m sure you will.

After you replace my demo photos with your own, you will want to go into the Media Library and delete my photos and graphics from your collection. The Media Library stores photos, videos, documents . . . and it can get messy quickly. Make it a habit to keep your Media Library tidy.

Helpful Resources


You should have a basic familiarity with WordPress, and knowing how Divi works will be helpful also.

Get started with Divi by reading the helpful resources in the Divi Support Center (Divi>Support).


Support is available from Grace Studio for the first 60 days after purchase. For additional assistance using the Divi theme, Elegant Themes offers amazing technical support to all their members. (You are a member since you purchased the Divi theme.)

For questions specific to Epicure, write us at support@grace-studio.net

Grace Studio can also set this theme up for you and provide customization. Write us for a quote.

Terms & Conditions

All designs are the intellectual property of Grace Studio LLC and may not be sold or redistributed. You may use the graphics included with this theme, but the photos may be copyrighted and shouldv not be used in your theme. We ask you to respect our hard work in designing this theme for you, and ask you not to share it with others. Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available.

Please visit us at https://grace-studio.net