Print design is novel because it allows someone to hold your brand in their hands. The functionality, the paper, the layout, the visuals – all make for a memorable brand experience.


Design Approach

I approach design in a holistic fashion. Besides completing a Creative Brief together, we will draw on your brand elements:

  • stories
  • icons or symbols
  • ethos or philosophy
  • what audience (most likely buyers) you want to reach
  • your brand’s personality or vibe
  • adjectives &unique offerings that describe your business
  • logo, typeface & colours

I design print pieces to do the work of at least two pieces, for sustainability & cost-effective design. This can get exciting, discussing these possibilities! I’ll draft three designs & we’ll make changes to one of them & make a mock-up so you, too, can hold it in your hands & imagine how your people will experience your brand.

Design Results

When we’re finished crafting these pieces and they are paid for, you’ll have a set of files you can present to your printer, and web-formatted files for your website.. I can also help with paper choices & do the pre-press inspection for additional cost.

Design Pricing

Logo | Cards | Brochures | Stationery | Annual Report | Catalogue | Product Labels | Menus | Mailers

Graphic design for print, including page layout, is estimated at $90 per hour & includes three drafts & three rounds of changes to one design. If we are under the hours estimated, you get a reduced invoice. If over, I’ll notify you where we are so you can decide your budget.

See print design examples below

She is creatively open and receptive, and helped bring out my own innovation. Working with Tari is a ‘win-win’ and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that individual excited about raising everyone’s bar.

~ Nadine Van Hees, Composer-Musician

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