The marketing tool that is ‘always on’ and invites your visitors to get comfortable. Let’s design a great living room.


Design Approach

Your website design needs to reflect your style & your brand. It also needs to reach out to your people with effective content that makes them want to explore & interact with you. Your website needs to be intuitive, interactive, & a space for your audience to get comfortable exploring your offerings.

We interview you to hear your primary focus. Then we check out your branding. Then we craft a website that drinks in all of these elements (branding, messaging, design that matches your brand) into consideration, to bring forth a website that is the closest thing to speaking with you live.

The websites we design are structured to be more than a pretty face. They’re designed to work hard for you: get the eyeballs, get the email address, get the sale. Best-practice SEO (search engine optimization), mobile-responsive design, security & redundancy & all those other webspeak items are incorporated into your site from the get-go. So you’re already ahead of the curve.

Design Results

At completion, you’ll have a hosted website that is intuitive, interactive, & produces results for your marketplace, be it informational or including an e-Commerce store. It will rank well, have significantly scored SEO, be mobile compatible, and feature site backup, site security, and site XML.

It will inspire your visitors to go deeper into your site to learn more about your organization, and its copy will get them excited to work with you.

Design Pricing

Website Design | Website Development

Website design is priced at a package rate, estimating a certain number of hours for designing (wireframes) or developing (building) a website that matches the needs of your business or non-profit to reach your audience in a unique way.

Website packages start from a single page layout and expand to include to several primary and secondary pages, and may feature an e-Commerce section for you to sell from the website. Our pricing ranges from a one-page website for $1250 to an enterprise-level site for $10,000, depending on the extensive content & reach of the website. Ask us about our one-page Website-in-a-Day with custom pricing.

See web design samples & their case studies below.

Tari’s attention to detail & care for the project was an asset in giving Privé a website that showed our wines & winemaking in its very best light. From design to photography to futures features unique to our business, she gave it her all & it shows.

~ Tina Hammond, Winemaker

Take a look at the websites below, and check out the linked Case Studies for each one. Or, see our WordPress themes to see if there’s a style that could give your website a boost to start.